Who is Be3?

Be3 is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to inspiring positive action and personal growth for people of all ages within our community.  We believe together, we can do great things. Our members share a common desire to improve their lives as well as the lives of others. We organize events and activities that promote health and fitness, education, philanthropy, volunteerism, and goal achievement.  We believe our optimism and dedication to helping others is an essential part of living a long and happy life.

Why consider Be3 Sponsorship?

With many non-profits and school organizations in need of donations, it can be tough to decide which causes to support. Our goal is to seek sponsors that align with our mission to help others through volunteerism, philanthropy, community involvement, and promotion of physical activity.

Where does your sponsorship contribution go?

Your sponsorship will allow us to…

  • Enhance our current fitness program (e.g., purchase and maintain fitness equipment, offer discounts on events, etc.). The more we can offer, the bigger impact we can make.
  • Increase our Be3 Community. When others learn about what we do, we can reach more people in our community. We promote our organization in a variety of ways: website, brochures, apparel.
  • Increase our support for Advocates and other local charities. Our focus charity is Advocates of Ozaukee (a women’s shelter for victims of sexual and domestic abuse).  In December, we do a Winter Workout Challenge to benefit Advocates.
  • Robillard Family
  • Payleitner Family
  • Bill Kadrich